Paper Planes

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On January 27th, Wes Coas releases his lastest album, “Paper Planes”. This album features appearances from Zro, Maro, Frontman, Chris Clarke, Renzo. Production by: Flawless (Producer of WALE’s “Pretty Girls”), Epik, Chris Clarke, Beatniks, and 7th Letter. “Paper Planes” can be downloaded at , and

“As kids we all participate in competition of sorts. We sit with our friends and build these elaborate paper planes not really in the thought of beating our friends, but we just want them to fly. The thing is, some do fly, but most don’t. We go back and rebuild in hopes that it will one day fly. There are so many people that make songs, and records that are the same as Wes Coas does, but for some reason, his was able to fly. Wes Coas can’t explain why, because just like that kid whose plane flew, he doesn’t know why. In theory, he cannot be concerned about why someone elses didn’t work, but just admire what his plane has done. At some point, his plane may not fly any more and then either he starts from scratch or he does something else.” – wescoas

Wes Coas is a rapper who was born in Compton, California, but resides in Houston, TX. Wes Coas is a hybrid artist in hip hop with the vocal tones and intensity of an early Ice Cube and the lyricism of a Jay-z or Nas. It’s a rare combination of talent and drive that pushes his music. While living Down South he as adapted his style and sound to fit in the same city that plays home to artist such as ScarFace and UGK. A backpacker in his essence Wes Coas provides music to be enjoyed by the culture of Hip Hop enthusiast worldwide.

In May of 2010 he released the breakthrough street album, “Great Western Form”. With the lead singles “Cash Rules” and fast rising “Nacho Cheese”, Cash Rules has had radio play in Japan, Canada and regionally in the south. The album was preceeded with the “United Front Tour” . On August 19th, Wes Coas Released a mixtape with Former Dr. Dre Protege’ Knoc-Turn’al. Together they created “Can’t Knoc The Wes Mixtape”. The mixtape was #2 on Datpiff Top 8 Charts, and was widespread all over the internet. They performed together Tour Oct. 1st in Scottsdale, AZ (Martini Ranch). Wes Coas has also toured (Sept. 13-27th) in Japan for the annual Kansai Music Conference & Tour.