Belief Never Dies

As I sit here listening to the new mixtape coming out next month called “afraid of the dark, step into the light”

I was reflecting on a few conversations I had in the last couple of days. I have come to the conclusion that life has a way of carrying you through when you are unsure of how things are headed.

I’ve been real quiet about things because we’ve been pushing the music real hard and I’ve been either on the road, in the studio, or promoting. Life still happens while all that’s going on. So you get tired and just road weary and then my team pulls together and carry me. I really thank them for that. The more success the more stress.

I don’t know so far if its what I wanted it to be but I do love the experience of it all. Thank you to my Mom, Fred, Maro, John, Paule,Kim,Des, Carrie, Jennie, Jason W, Jason M, Pete. Ya’ll have held me down individually in your own way.

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