Happy Thanksgiving

So here we are almost exactly a year ago from my show at the Jet Lounge.

In a year I’ve gone to SXSW released what has been labeled a classic album. I don’t know who determines a classic but it was a definite game changer. Went on a tour or 3. Dropped a mixtape with Knocturnal went #2 on datpiff. Then dropped another solo mixtape hosted me first mixtape. Went to Japan killed some shows over there. Did a show with knocturnal. Finishing the year off with my first EP “Paper Planes”. So I say all that to say I’m thankful and to not mention the shit again. If i spend time looking back its a hinderance on moving forward. I recently lost what I thought was a good friend because they couldn’t understand that we celebrate the moments not insult in them. I suppose when you’ve built from scratch and you achieve you are supposed to act different but I don’t believe you change who you are. So I maintain the same mindset I usually address the difficulties in rhymes, lately its all been so personal that I’ve learned to accept the faulty experiences and let people choose their exits by actions.

I’m thankful to all of YOU who have helped and those who have hurt. Its all growth in God’s plan

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